Video: Friends Kelly and Jenny with Travel4Souls to Costa Rica

It is very difficult to speak about what we experienced as volunteers last July with Travel4Souls in Costa Rica. The most poignant photos that you managed to capture fail as visual aids. You unsuccessfully try to choke back tears as you speak of your time in the slums. The emotional conflict of not being able to relay the urgency of humankind’s need for a loving hand is simply overwhelming.

Fortunately, the first group to head to Costa Rica a few weeks ahead of ours had fellow volunteer/news anchor on their trip, Christine Maddela. Below is a great clip showcasing friends Kelly and Jenny; (see more on the Travel4Souls YouTube Channel). Watch Guthrie’s story to catch a glimpse of the rainforest that yours truly ziplined through. Yes. Me. They had to break out the pliers to loosen my helmet to fit my big head. Go ahead. Laugh.

Although it will help you to visualize my sense of place more, nothing will completely convey the trip to those who were not there. Which is why you MUST sign up soon 🙂

This page allows you to follow the Travel4Souls team across the world as they distribute shoes in the U.S. and around the world. Recent trips include India, Africa, Costa Rica and Haiti.

Read Katie Lentile’s blog here:

To find out how to go on a trip yourself, go to

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