It Just Changes You: La Pequeña Princesa de las Mariposas y los Zapatos Mágicos

**La Pequeña Princesa de la Mariposas y los Zapatos Mágicos = Tiny Butterfly Princess and her Magic Shoes


As I walked swiftly through customs I screeched to a halt when I saw the sign: Exit to Miami. I clutched my carry-on as if it was a security blanket. Maybe if I chose to not walk out that door, I could stay in Costa Rica for as long as I pleased? Maybe??

I wasn’t ready. I never expected to feel this way. I fell in love with La Carpio.

The experiences I had in Costa Rica are simply way beyond spewing words and posting photos, but I promise to give it my best shot. Right now please enjoy a few of my favorites from a vast collection of photos. This little girl was very special and I was so happy to be able to fit her with (let’s face it), the coolest pair of Chuck Taylors that an eight-year-old of any background would covet. I called her Princesa Mariposa. She is humble and a kind soul. She is a solid representation of the kindness, hope, and beauty radiating from La Carpio’s upcoming generation.

Much more to follow. Much more.

Make two wishes every night; one for you and one for someone else. Tonight I wish for a peaceful sleep, and for Katie Lentile to take just ten tiny minutes to reflect on what she has done for the volunteers.



  1. More pictures dammit!

      • jamielynndespres
      • July 30th, 2011

      ohhhhh there are plenty more. plenty.

    • dad
    • July 30th, 2011

    she’s so cute!

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