CEDCAS, La Carpio, San José, y Heredia


Sorry for all the little quick blurbs, but wifi has been spotty and insecure at best. Turned on roaming data on the Android to give you all an update. So far, so good. The people at CEDCAS, our guesthouse/clinic are very sweet and keep us well fed.

Today was our first distribution in LaCarpio. Yes, I too fell victim to all of the horrible media attention that swirls around the town built up on San Jose’s sewage by Nicaraguan refugees. And tell any Costa Rican that you are going to LaCarpio? They will think you are insane….more on why later.

Truth is, I love LaCarpio and its citizens. Kindly they waved from stoops and open windows. We played with bubbles and handed out stickers in the street to small, adorable niños y niñas as word spread. But despite their environmental surroundings, it was clear these children have been raised very well. They were well mannered (shy even) and ear-to-ear with smiles. I got some amazing photos in LaCarpio that I can’t wait to share.

Have to sign off for now. Buenos noches 😉 Volcano hiking early AM!

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