Adios Miami. Hola Costa Rica.


Short and sweet as a long line through MIA security and tram ride awaits.

Pretty nervous, but excited! Lots to absorb and it hasn’t quite hit me yet. Stay tuned for great stories and send good wishes that I stay healthy. Is bringing a monkey through customs allowed? Hope so.

  1. Lots to do, see and experience in Costa Rica – take your time and enjoy!

    Cheers, Tee

    Tee is Senior Editor of digital magazine and

      • jamielynndespres
      • July 28th, 2011

      Cannot wait to return! Thanks 😉

      • jamielynndespres
      • July 30th, 2011

      cried when i had to leave ❤ love love love it! thanks!

    • alison
    • July 25th, 2011

    BEST OF LUCK!!!! xoxoxox Sending lots of well wishes your way….

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